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Tickets Statuses

What are different types of Tickets statuses?

Using 'Statuses', you can monitor the progress of a ticket through its lifecycle.  Currently  below default  status available in Dwike Helpdesk, You can not Add or modify it. A single ticket might be assigned back and forth between several agents, and go through several different statuses, before it is resolved or deleted. You can view the details of a ticket’s history when you open ticket details.

 Active - These are tickets that are new and haven’t been responded yet and also tickets on which agents needs to give response

Waiting On Customer - You’ve done your part, now you’re waiting on a reply from the customer. This shows you how many tickets are currently waiting on a reply. Once customer reply on such ticket status will be automatically set to Active that means you are good to go with further discussion or resolved this ticket.

 On-hold -  List of  tickets that are on hold. You can place a ticket on hold in the event that you need to do something for a customer.

 Resolved - These are tickets that are marked as Resolved. Once a ticket has been marked as Resolved, the customer will then get a happiness rating widget to let you know how you did.

 Closed  - These are tickets that are marked as closed. Sometimes a customer may just be dropping you a line of thanks or feedback which doesn’t require you to do anything (except maybe say "thanks"). There is no need to mark these tickets as solved, so mark them closed.

 Spam - From time to time, spam may end up in your inbox. With Dwike Helpdesk Spam Filtering all such tickets automatically move to Spam folder. Tickets created by user who has been Banned via Dwike Helpdesk also moves to Spam Filter.

Trash - List of all deleted tickets