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Setup your Account

How to setup Dwike Helpdesk Account?

You can add your company basic details for setting up your account. Only member with admin rights can change this details. Go to Admin panel and select System settings, here you find different option for your account setup. 


Company Settings

Add your company details like company name, website,  address and contact detail. Company name and website will be use in Footer and Login page of Dwike Helpdesk.


System Settings

Customer Portal System Settings will help you to customize your Helpdesk  website. Add name and URL, this name will be use for Frontend/Knowledge base page. Setup your Dwike helpdesk local Time zone, This Time zone will  be use for Work Schedule  and SLA calculation. Refer this for more detail.

Back-end Appearance

Here you can select the background image for your Login page screen. Go to Admin panel and select Widget Section. Click on Backend appearance you will see the settings page.

Choose image as per your choice, and select Yes/No from active to use this login screen or not.

Click on Save at last.