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Move Tickets Between Helptopics

How to move ticket from one helptopic to another?

Dwike Helpdesk gives option to your customer to choose helptopic while submitting ticket to clarify problem area like  e.g. it is New product inquiry, After sales service or Issue with delivery. So it easy for you to address issue with special skill and knowledge. But in some cases customer send ticket with default helptopic or might select unrelated helptopic, in such case you can also move tickets from one Helptopic to another. It does not make any deference for your customer.

To move/transfer ticket login to your Dwike Helpdesk account and navigate to your tickets page.

Select the ticket you would like to move, from ticket options tab go to Helptopic and choose helptopic from drop-down where you would like to move your ticket.


Please note ticket will automatically go to Unassigned status  and same notes is added as Internal Info in ticket history, you can also add internal note to specify the reason before moving ticket.