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Merge Ticket

How to merge tickets?

When you receive multiple tickets from the same client, related to the same problem or issue, you can merge all their tickets together into one ticket and give support to that one active ticket.

Following things happen when you merge two or more tickets together:


  • One of the tickets becomes the primary ticket (you get to choose). The others become secondary. 
  • All conversations from the secondary tickets are moved into the primary ticket.
  • You can change Ticket Subject while merging tickets.
  • All the secondary tickets are closed. 
  • All messages are sorted chronologically. 
  • A note is added to each of the tickets with a link to the primary ticket. 
  • An email notification would be sent to the requester about the merged tickets. 


How to Merge tickets?

 By two way you can merge tickets :


1. Ticket Detail View

 Select the primary ticket and go to ticket detail view page. 

Click on Merge Ticket from settings icon on top right corner.



In merge ticket form you can add new title to resulting ticket .

Selected ticket will be your parent ticket.

Now select tickets from the list to merge with primary ticket. ( Here you can see the list of tickets created by same user)

Provide Reason for merging the tickets in text box.

And click on Merge button. 

2.  Bulk Edit Merge Option

You can merge multiple tickets once at a time from bulk edit option as well, go to any Ticket Inbox.


  • Select the tickets you would like to merge from same user.
  • Go to top and click on Merge ticket icon from bulk edit options
  • In merge ticket form give new title if you wish to change the ticket subject.
  • Select parent ticket from drop-down. ( All selected tickets list will display here)
  • Provide reason for merging the tickets .



            Click on Merge button.

 Please note Merge Tickets action is irreversible