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Manage Staff

How to create/manage staff?

To help teams collaborate, share tickets and solve customer problems together and faster, Dwike Helpdesk allows admin to invite more members to handle the helpdesk tickets. Adding staff to Dwike Helpdesk involves a few steps as given below:

 Select  the “Agent” button from “Staffs” section in Admin Panel.

 Click on Create Agent and new form will appears to you and asked for personal details like User name, Name, Email ID and Contact Detail.

 Email id should be unique for each agent. You can add signature of a staff( optional- person can do this later from his account)

 Set status Active or Inactive ( this defines staff is available or not)

 Assign role to  staff member from Admin or Agent and select permission group for staff. Admin have access  of all the department activities and other          system settings by default, this can not be change

 Define the time zone of staff as per working location or shift.

 Select Department as per skills and experience of staff. You can select more than one department for every staff member, admin has access of all the          department by default.

 All Dwike Helpdesk plans come with the ability to have unlimited staff count. To see how adding more staff to your account will affect your                                 monthly/yearly bills please check your Subscription page.