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Manage HelpTopics

How to create/modify HelpTopics?

Help Topic allows you to separate incoming requests into dedicated tickets queues and route to pre-determined departments.   Each Helptopic can be assigned an email ID to which your contacts would directly send their email requests. The incoming emails get converted into tickets automatically and place themselves into appropriate category.

You can offer different type of support by creating help topics like customer support, sales support, technical support. Creating different help topic for each customer group you can distribute your customer in different group and your staff can manage and control support service at best to their abilities and skill. 

In Admin panel from Manage tab you add or edit help topics. Limited to available as provided in your subscription plan.

 Add name to each help topic, this name will display in web form and needs to select by customer while submitting any ticket or request. Dwike will gives you one default help topic as named Support, you can edit this as per your business requirements.

 If customer not select any help topic while submitting ticket via webform, these kind of ticket will redirected to default help topic.

 You can attach unique custom form for each help topic  and get important information from customer. For example Ticket in blah blah  blah…

 You need to select the relevant  department for particular help topic, all the tickets which comes under particular help topic will go(comes, redirect, assign) to agents of  selected department.