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Manage Customer/User Accounts

How to create Customer/User Accounts?

Users in Dwike Helpdesk are your customers or end users who submit requests into your support system. Dwike allows you to maintain a detailed profile of all your customers making communication easier.

 Users profile are automatically created in your helpdesk when a customer sends an email to your support email address or when creating an account by registering on your customer support portal. Profiles are also automatically created if a customer signs into your customer support portal using social single sign-on accounts such as:

  •  Facebook
  • Twitter

Sometimes it happens customer raise a request via phone or chat, in this scenarios agent can create a ticket on behalf customer  with his basic details like Name, Email Id and contact number. When agent create ticket from agent desk email will be sent to customer and customer profile will be automatically created in User's List

You can not manually Add or Delete any user's profile.