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How to Add Product?

Learn about different ways to add product in Dwike Invoice

Add all products here that you sell to your customer. You can add your products in Dwike Invoice in 4 different ways :


Add Single Product

Import Product

Add Product With Warehouse

Import Products with Warehouse



Add Single Product


To add new product go to Inventory section


  • Click on Products
  • To add new product click on Add Product button



  • Add Name of the product to be created
  • Provide Serial Number if any
  • Provide number of  Initial Quantity of Stock Item on hand
  • Add Reorder Stock Quantity, when this Item stock reach to this level Dwike Invoice will notify you about Low Stock Item
  • Define Product Location In Store, where this is product in your store
  • Add Expiry Date of product in case any applicable
  • Set Barcode of the product
  • You can add QR Code of your product here
  • Add Product SKU here to keep track of stock item
  • Enter the HSN Code that is associate with product
  • Add Unit Cost of the product
  • Select Product Category from the dropdown, which you have already added in Category section
  • Preferred Single Tax will be not applicable to if you have selected GST Billing Type.
  • Select Preferred Intra State Tax (CGST-SGST) from dropdown which is applicable to product
  • Select Preferred Inter State Tax (IGST) from dropdown which is applicable to product
  • Add Product Weight if applicable
  • Select Product Measurement Unit from Drop-down, you can add new UOM Click here for more detail.
  • Note down any important description about product you wish to save in Product Specification box.
  • Add  Selling Price of the product, you can change is while creating any Sales Order or Invoice
  • Default Product Currency is INR, change it if you dealing in any other currency
  • Multi Storage option is disable by default, if you would like to maintain your stock in warehouse enable this option. To know more about how to add product in warehouse Click Here.


Notes:  Tax rate is been added by Dwike Invoice as per GST calculation you can change only name of the Tax rate as per your convinces from Setting Section, Click Here to know more about how change  Tax Rate.




Import Products


You can Import  products in Dwike Invoice in Excel format. To add bulk product in one go, go to Inventory Section and click on Product tab, select Import Product  option.


  • You can see Download Workbench button here, click on this button to download sample data file.
  • Fill your product data in given format and upload CSV or Excel file by using Import Data button.
  • Mandatory Fields in Import Products files are  Product Name, Preferred Intra Tax, Preferred Inter Tax, Unit of Measurement and Category name columns



Quick Tips:


  1. All Taxes: Tax names need to be matched with Dwike Invoice Taxes names, to view tax name go to Settings Section and Click on Tax Settings and Select View Taxes. You will see all taxes list here. 


  1. Unit of Measurement: Unit names needs to be matched with Dwike Invoice UOM names, to view UOM names go to Setting Section and Click on Unit Settings and Select View UOMs. You will see all UOM list here. Click Here to know how to add new UOM.

  1. Product Category name: Category names needs to be matched with Dwike Invoice Product Category names, to view Category go to Inventory Section and Click on Product Category and Select View Product Category. Click Here to know how to add Product Category.