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Add Warehouse and Bin Location

Learn more about how to add Warehouses and Bin Locations in your Dwike Invoice account

Warehouse and Bin Location management extends the standard functionality of inventory management. It’s a way of sorting all of your items in proper storage locations so that it’s more accessible, easy to locate , lesser effort and time consume. You can also tag each bin with unique barcode so that it becomes more easy to refer.


Dwike Invoice gives you option to add Warehouse and Bin Location in two different ways.


Add Single Warehouse

Import Warehouse and Bin Location


New Warehouse


To add new warehouse go to Inventory section from left side panel


  • Click on Warehousing and select New Warehouse




  • Add unique Warehouse Name to identify location
  • Add Warehouse Street, Building , City, State and Zip Code for your reference
  • Select Store Keeper name from drop-down list
  • Set Is Active status Yes or No, If select Yes you can stock to this warehouse and if No this location will be disable. You can change Active - Inactive status anytime.
  • Click on Save button to add Warehouse


Once you add warehouse successfully, you will get option add storage location as mentioned in below screen.



 Here Warehouse name is already added as per previous step so Add Storage Location Name  for particular  warehouse

  • Give Storage Location Description to define any specialty about location
  • Add Barcode for Bin
  • Define Bin Max Level capacity if any applicable,
  • Define Bin Max Weight capacity if any applicable
  • Hit the Save button to store storage location details.


Now you can see Warehouse and Storage Location name in the list of Warehouse, you can edit or change this details by following the same process anytime in future.




Import Warehouse and Bin Location


You can Import  bulk Warehouse and Bin Locations  in Dwike Invoice in Excel format. To add Warehouse and Bin Location in one go, go to Inventory Section and click on Warehousing  tab, select Import Warehouse and Bin Location.


  • You can see Download Data Transfer Sheet  button here, click on this button to download sample data file.
  • Fill your product data in given format and upload CSV or Excel file by using Import Data button.
  • Mandatory Fields in Import Warehouse files are Warehouse Name and Is Active Status. IsActive can have 0 for Inactive and 1 as Active Warehouse.
  • Mandatory fields in Bin files are Warehouse Name and Location Name




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